Water Colors: The Joy of Living

enhanceOnce my paint brush touched the paper, I had a mission. My mind’s eye took over, and colorful strokes turned into precise symbolism and imagery. I love to paint with water colors, and show the world how I see everything. I am a woman with mild high function autism, and I am so proud of it, I call it “awe”-tism. That’s exactly how it is. We are in awe of life, its cycles, the many celebrations and colors. Of course, we know of those difficult times, but without those difficult times, the beautiful wouldn’t be as stunning. Appreciation and savoring are words we know so well, we are captured by the smallest of things. For me, it was the four seasons. Each day, I love watching the temperatures gradually increase or decrease, depending on the time of year. Not only do we notice these things, we notice the shapes of snow flakes, the reflectiveness of a single rain drop, the gradient coloring of a bonfire, all tell-tale factors of the changing seasons. Oh, how I love the sun as well when it shines down on me while a breeze of wind blows through my hair. My paintings consist of my perception of nature, as well as a couple imaginative unexpected details. Today, I was in the midst of a dark night in my soul (I’m affected by seasonal depression at times), and mom inspired me to paint again. The joy and appreciation of life began. Not only that, but today we enjoyed the first real snow of the season! 🙂