Apples All Around


Yesterday, I read a blog by John Mosley, called I an an Apple Lover, and though I have yet to try his apple dip recipe, I wanted to piggy back off his idea with something of my own. This recipe is so simple, yet so tasty and festive. It’s apple sauce with apple pie spice (or even pumpkin pie spice- something I accidentally discovered last night) heated up in the microwave.

Tasting this brought me back to my childhood. Every single fall, I would go with my family to go apple picking. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the crunch into an apple, followed by that sweet taste in your mouth. As a child, the juice always dribbled down my shirt, because my motor skills needed work. After apple picking, we would go on a hay ride around whatever farm we were at.

Back to the simple recipe: I heated up some apple sauce in the microwave for about a minute, or a minute and a half, and then added some apple spice. This makes ordinary Meijer brand apple sauce taste like the homemade kind grandma used to make. Yesterday night, however, I wasn’t paying attention to which spice jar I grabbed, and when it was too late, I realized it was pumpkin spice. Call me oblivious, but I didn’t really notice a difference. They both tasted delicious! The pumpkin spice increased my courage to try pumpkin pie. Cue the gasps and disbelief: I never tried pumpkin pie in my life! If anyone knows of any good pumpkin pie recipes, please let me know. 🙂


Shutterfly: My New Home-base

Two weeks ago, I had my very first writer’s conference experience. Breathe Writer’s Conference 2014 took place at Grand Rapids Theological Experience in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and writers and editors had the opportunity to sit in the classrooms, and learn more about the topics of their choice. The topics ranged from writing devotionals, blogging, the publishing process, poetry and others. I chose to focus on restarting my writing career, continue editing, and build a sturdy foundation to build my business from. These past few weeks since the conference, I have been focusing on the technical aspects of such a career. Mostly, I spent time building my blog, developing a network to connect with other writers and editors, and building a simple website.

It is with great enthusiasm that I would like to introduce my new website: Kelly A Warren: Freelance Writer and Editor. Many know that I am a freelance editor, currently offering my services for free to build experience, however, I am also a writer.  My goal for the coming weeks is to free-write, and break my writer’s block. Please stay tuned for more.