Post-Graduation: A Time of Reflection and Pondering

These past few days have been super busy, and somehow, I’m not completely worn out. There is a higher power sustaining my energy and strengthening my frame. I’m not at all running on my own strength, and it simply amazes me what God can do through me. He is my power source, my love and my wisdom.

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life, as I graduated college with two degrees, one in Bible/Theology, and one in Interdisciplinary (a focus on English and communication). Not only these, but though I have autism (a condition that affects one’s ability to communicate and understand others), I earned a minor in communications. Still to this day, I laugh a bit at the irony. With these degrees, I intend on using the gifts that God has entrusted to me to edit documents, including novels, books, and short stories.

During the graduation ceremony, we listened to a woman who told of her journey through Reform Bible College (now known as simply Kuyper College). She graduated with a degree in the area of health care, and God led her to an oriental country where she experienced a time of war in her environment. Her country came under attack, and she slept through the night with the peace that came from Psalm 91, which starts with the phrase “he who rests in the shadow of the almighty”, and is dedicated to God’s protection over His children. Her peace as she slept during a time of was inspiring to many in the town where she lived.

This made me think of my challenging eight years of college, and all those times God has provided for me, sustained and nourished me, and never gave up on me as stubborn as I was in my own ways at times. As long as I can remember, I always come running back to Him through Jesus Christ, as I need His love. Nothing compares to the love that only He can give. My life depends on this love.

The coolest thing is that He loves me not out of anything I have done, so I don’t need to¬† “earn” His love. He loves me not because of what I do, but because of who He is. He is my daddy, Abba Father, who cheers me on through life, and takes my hand ever so gently to lead me. He will continue to lead me as I run the race marked out for me, as my eyes are set on Him in this new phase of life.