My First Love: Transforming into a Young Woman

Estoy contigo para siempre, especialmente con mis ojos cerrados, y con mis ojos cerragos, cuán grande es mi recuerdo de ti. Viviras para siempre conmigo en mi corazon. Descanse en paz!

It is a mixed feeling to say that my first love is not only written in the stars, but shining on me in the sun. His life was active and vibrant, just like the Dominican culture he belonged to. He died suddenly at the tender age of 15, and left me here on this earth with a shattered heart while I was 16 years old. I never got to tell him goodbye. He died in a motorcycle crash in the blink of an eye.Tonight, these memories are coming back to me. I do remember him, and he will always have a special place in my heart as my true love. As a result of the tragedy and the intensity and pain of my grieving, and the help of the body of Christ comforting me and guiding me to seek God as the author of the book of my life, I transformed spiritually from a girl to a young woman full of potential to shake the kingdom of heaven with her vibrant faith.


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