Writer’s Fear

Staring at a blank document and the idea of starting feels like metal wall during a lightning storm. I don’t think this is going to fit what I’m supposed to write, and expectations, mostly from me, are sky high. It’s so hard for me to remember that Jesus was also human, facing the same struggles and insecurities I feel. The only difference is that He never listened to these insecurities, and told them to flee from him. Wish I could easily do that, but it is easier said than done. He just wants me to try, just do the best I can do. Maybe my feeble attempts will amount to something. Even now, I’m pausing between sentences, because I’m feeling insecure because I may type something stupid or ridiculous, or even something that doesn’t make sense. Fear does not come from God, however, confidence does. Especially as a writer, I’m asking God to chase away my fears, so I can walk in a spirit of victory! It was a spirit of confidence that conquered death and rose from the grave!

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