A Time of Harvest and Rest

Ok, I’m not so sure about the counselor idea, as I’m still trying to find my place after graduation. If I don’t become a counselor, at least volunteering will give me life experience and more of a heart for loving others, which makes for being a better writer. This is a win/win situation. One of my passions is writing, as well as living every single day in God’s grace. Right now, I’m working on writing a book on my experiences in college with having autism. It was a challenge and I fell down a couple times, but by faith, I didn’t give up, and graduated. In April, I’ll be walking the stage during my graduation ceremony. It’s going to be a powerful day that highlights God’s victory and glory! For now, I’m going to volunteer both at the church and the hospice, be involved in a Bible study, and join a knitting group. It’s a time of great harvest earned by hard work!


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