Beyond Words: Volunteering

“When it comes to my dreams,” I declared through a text message to my fiance, Mark, “I will never let my autism be an excuse!” Not only did I graduate high school with a high verbal score on my SAT’s, it added a laugh to the fact that autism is known to be a communication disorder. Guess I defied that theory! Not only did I graduate high school, I spent eight years of my life in college, and graduated with two bachelor degrees. My two degrees are in Biblical theology, and interdisciplinary with a focus on English and communication. This is just a start. Ever since I was a young child, I always had an insatiable hunger for learning. Currently, I’m awaiting some textbooks I bought online to continue learning. “Classes” do not end after graduating. This is one reason I’m considering grad school. I plan to volunteer at a local interfaith hospice center, and hopefully, some doors will open and a path will clear for me to become an interfaith counselor for those who are dying and grieving. I may not know what it is like to know that death is near as the one who is dying, but my heart desires to simply be there. Sometimes “being there” means sitting by someone’s side even when no words are present. Presence speaks volumes. Yes, words are useful in their place and time, and the patient is the one who decides that. I’m merely a vessel of the unchanging all-powerful loving God of heaven, and I trust and pray that He will speak and listen through me.


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